Owners Matters in Port

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Providing a peace of mind to Masters that their vessels' requirements
are well taken care of while in port

Bunker co-ordination

  • Liaising with bunker barge
  • Liaising with bunker surveyor
  • Ensuring bunker samples get to lab

Other kinds of co-ordination

  • Supply Boat
  • Deslopping
  • Freshwater Supply
  • Underwater Hull Cleaning
  • Any other owners' requirements

Cash to Master

Liasing with Port Master for Permission

  • Loadline remeasurement
  • Lowering of lifeboats
  • Stopping of Main Engines

Arranging Visitors to Vessel

  • Technical attendance
  • Superintendent
  • Any other owners' requirment

Crew Change

  • VISA application
  • Airport meetup service
  • Hotel stay/meals
  • Crew medical requirements
  • Embarking/Disembarking vessel